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Measure & master 7 essential digital experience competencies

about the dx7 assessment 

The DX7 Assessment measures an organization’s capabilities across seven digital experience competencies that are required for sustainable digital success. The foundation of this success is a customer-centric digital strategy that defines your vision and plan to create better digital experiences.

Read our latest article on the 7 essential digital competencies for digital transformation. Then download our DX7 Assessment Playbook to understand your own organization's current strengths and identify the competencies you and your team should focus on to deliver exceptional digital experiences.

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For a more in-depth evaluation of your organization we invite you to apply for the private beta of our online DX7 Assessment tool. 

DX7 competencies

A real and present understanding of the customer, their journey, goals, motivations, and business context across key touch points

Alignment between digital experience strategy, business strategy, and customer needs, with an agreed upon “North Star” to align goals and to prioritize and map initiatives

High-performing, connected and informed teams empowered to transcend silos, own all aspects of the digital experience, and build collaborative relationships, with freedom to experiment at low risk

A cohesive and complete content strategy to inform the creation, publication and governance of the content necessary to build and measure impact

Technology platforms, marketing ecosystems, mobile, and social channels and communities that are coordinated and integrated to support consistent, intentional experience

The right people, with the right skills, who can manage digital experience delivery from an operational perspective

A data-driven approach to measuring, testing, improving, and humanizing the digital channel and customer experience

Digital Experience Strategy

We can help your organization master these competencies and implement a digital experience strategy that grows your business and builds value for your customers. Connect with us today to learn more.